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Notice to all my readers. Sorry, I’ve got some bad news for you…

In conjunction with my SPM year, I’ve decided to temporarily close my blog down this year, until further notice… This is because…:

1. I seldom blog now-a-days
2. I don’t want to discourage people, specially my readers…
3. I just don’t know what to write anymore.

Well, this will probably be my last post on this site. Thank you for reading, for those who have been reading for the past, dunno how many years. See you again next time…

Your’s faithfully,
Mei Zhin


     I wonder if people get confused as often as I do,
Sometimes I’d think, ”It’s over” and then it starts all over again.

          I wonder if people see how confused I get, oh so often, 
     Sometimes they think, ”Great! You got it!” when in actual fact, I don’t.

                I wonder if people know it when I’m confused,
          Sometimes they’d think, ”Things are resolved” but they are so not.

                     I wonder if people know how often they confuse me,                
               Sometimes we think, ”Oh! Now i get it!” when we’re actually both thinking about completely different things.

Hmm… I wonder… Why is living just so… Confusing?

Hey people! Come to my school’s IU Day, come come! Its my last year in school and I really want to make it memorable… Here are the details…

Come all!!! COMEEE!!!!!!!!!!

During CEM last Saturday, our class was given an “experiment” to illustrate something Uncle Julius wanted to teach us. We called it the “What you should do to make girls/boys NOT like you.” The objective of the survey was to list down a list of things to make girls/guys absolutely loathe you, then do the opposite.

ie: “Talk loudly.” So the opposite is obviously to “talk gently/softly.”

After class, I decided to do something crazy, and I compiled everybody’s list down and converted it… So, here is the What you should do to make girls/boys NOT like you, and at the bottom will be the converted list.

What Guys Should Do To Make Girls Not Like You

Have bad breath, Body odor, Bad social skills/uncommunicative, Be annoying, Be ugly, Be argumentative, Be rude, Be arrogant, Be not on time, Be lazy, Be childish, Become anorexic too thin, Over analyze things, Be easily swayed/”no backbone”, Be messy, Be egoistic, Be inconsiderate

And here is the converted version:

What Guys Should Do To Make Girls Like You

Have nice breath, No body odor, Good social skills/communicative, Be endearing/ easy to hang out with, Be handsome, Be agreeable, Be polite, Be humble, Be on time, Be hardworking, Be average weight (?), Don’t over analyze things, Be firm/”have a backbone”, Be tidy, Be altruistic/not egoistic, Be considerate

What Girls Should Do To Make Guys Not Like You

Be loud, Be sloppy, Always emo, Cry ALL the time/over-sensitive, Spend unnecessarily, Be not on time, Have constant mood swings, ‘Shoot’ their ego, Complain a lot, Body odor, Be rude, Overreact unnecessarily, Dress badly, Be a bimbo/dumb, Gossip all the time, Be a liar, Curse a lot, Don’t bring up yourself well, Love yourself more than anything

And here is the converted version:

What Girls Should Do To Make Guys Like You

Be demure, Be neat, Don’t emo, Control your emotions/don’t be over-sensitive, Spend wisely, Be on time, Be careful of your mood, Don’t ‘Shoot’ their ego on purpose, Don’t complain, No body odor, Be polite, Don’t overreact, Dress decently, Be smart, Don’t gossip, Be truthful, Don’t curse, Bring up yourself well, Be humble

So, what do You guys think? Hahaha…

I actually found this particular facebook tag quite amusing and fascinating… So, decided to post it here. Hahahaha…

How old are you going to be when you get married?
Put an X in every box that applies to you.
Add up all the x`s and title subject with the sum as “My marriage age is__”

[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[x]You keep track of dates using a calendar
[ ] You own more than one credit card
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[x] You do your own laundry
[ ] You vote every election
[x] You can cook for yourself
[ ] You think politics are exciting
[ ] You balance your own checkbook
[x] Your parents have better things to say than your friends
Total: 4

[x] You show up for school/college/work every day early.
[ ] You always carry a pen in your pocket/purse
[x] You’ve never gotten a detention
[x] You have never smoked a cigarette
[ ] You have never gotten completely trashed
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once
[x] You like to take walks by yourself
[x] You’ve watched talk shows.
[x] You know what ‘credibility’ means without looking it up
[ ] You drink coffee[caffeine] at least once a week.

Total: 6

[x] You know how to do the dishes.
[x] You can count to 10 in another language.
[x] When you say you’re going to do something you do it.
[x] My parents trust me
[x] You can mow the lawn
[x] You can make adults laugh without being stupid
[ ] You remember to water the plants
[x] You study when you have to
[ ] You pay attention at school/college
[x] You remember to feed your pets

Total: 8

[x] You can spell ‘experience’ without looking it up.
[ ] You work out on a regular basis.
[x] You clean up your own mess
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[ ] You have gained weight since middle/high school
[ ] The first thing you do when you wake up is get caffeine
[ ] You can go to the store without getting something you don’t need
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[x] You can type quickly

Total: 3

[ ] You have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour
[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay
[ ] Most of all your friends are older than you are
[x] You can say no to staying out all night
[ ] You use the internet every day
[x] Your wardrobe hasn’t changed in a while
[x] You can read a book and actually finish it

total: 3

Put an X in every box that applies to you.
Add up all the x`s and title subject with the sum as “My marriage age is 24”

As the title implies… I hate bad nights. They’re the worse…
First, you can’t sleep, you toss and turn and toss and turn and yet, you still can’t sleep…
So what do you do? You go write in your diary. You know, just rant about things that don’t make sense at all. And then you think to yourself, “There! I feel TONS better!”
So then you go back to your bed and start the process all over again. You toss and turn, and toss and turn, and toss and turn… Nope, still nothing. Zilch.
So, what else CAN you do?! You decide to go eat something. Yeap, food should help you (although suppers will only make you fat… Aihhh…). So you go into the kitchen, you know… Decide to get a snack… Eat eat eat… Done! NOW I should be able to sleep.
But when you go back to your lovely, comfortable, cool bed… Nothing. Still can’t even get a wink of sleep. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! More Aihs….
And then! You think, maybe I should go talk to someone. You know, maybe someone that’s not asleep yet… And then, someone smses you instead, asking you a favour. Well, what else is there to do? So, you just comply. Why not help someone else since I can’t help myself right?
So, after helping someone else have a wonderful night, you go back to your sleepless one. More tossing and turning… Still NO sleep.
Decide to go back to sms-ing someone, but…. Well, they are probably busy or sleeping…
Last resort! The floor. The nice, hard, and cold floor. And…. Guess what? Sleep finally came. Nightmares came. And a very, VERY bad back came. Oh, and a soar head in the morning when your mom comes in the room to wake you up only to hit your head when she opens the door and thinks you slept walked.

Like I said, I HATE bad nights… They’re the worse. Don’t you agree?

First of all, Happy Valentines to everyone!!!
Anyway, for the first time in 16 years, I finally have something to post about for the 14th of February.


The dinner was really nice and fun. All of the guys (in my opinion) tried their best to be real gentlemen. *Applause* All the girls had to do was answer their questions, ask them about themselves, and sit back and relax. Ah, heaven for one day.

I just want to say a big thank you to all the organizers for making this such a ‘happening’ event. (I even got to see Ling Sue in a dress, those in favor of her wearing more dresses say ‘I!’)

And here are a few things for all my Valentines!!

pink-roses-appreciationFor my first valentine, once again, thank you for a wonderful night…
I enjoyed myself very much…

For my second valentine, thank you for always being there for me, forgiving me
when I know I don’t deserve it at all. I really appreciate it, Happy Valentine’s Day…

And lastly, to all my other valentines, thanks for being
a great friend to me whenever I need you. Love you guys!🙂

That’s it for now… Hope everybody had a good Valentines day! Au revoir people~

P.S : Angie cut her hair. Lol, sorry girls…

Lesson For The Week

~Gossip is what no one claims to like -- but everyone enjoys. Author: Joseph Conrad ~The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business. Author: George Bernard Shaw


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